5 Common Mistakes Men Make While Shopping For Girlfriend

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Quite as the common saying goes – “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” so the difference in their wants and choice has been made quite evident through this saying. As both of these genders are poles apart in their attitude, behaviour, and other such factors, when it comes to shopping for one another, often they find themselves in an ugly middle position. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day and other such joyous occasions wherein gift-giving seems to be the very tradition ends up leaving them in a major dilemma figuring out some of thebest gifts for girls, boys, boyfriend and girlfriends. If you are a man looking to pamper the love of your life with something she will genuinely love, then here are a few mistakes/ misconceptions that you need to keep in mind as you shop for her. Read it through and get a better insight into what women want when gifting is concerned.

  1. Gifting Her Something She Already Has – It’s like the mistakes everyone knows about ends up committing it. Don’t screw up by gifting something which she already knows; otherwise, she will end up passing it on to others as a gift or getting it exchanged. Listen to her when she gives you a brief idea of what purchased recently, and you will get an idea of what she already possesses.
  2. Not Asking Her Best Friend Or Sister For Opinion – Undoubtedly, you know your girl probably better than anyone else. But so does her best friend. She/he has spent a better time knowing her likes and dislikes, their habits and their pet peeves – all of it. So, you can consult or take some of their advice to figure out what she has been secretly wishing to have. Regardless of even the time, you have known her, her sister and her best friend who know of the inside details of which brand she loves to wear and which cosmetics brand suits her skin texture and other details like that.
  3. Gifting Something That Is A Cliche – A box full of chocolates, bouquets and other such things make an excellent token of love but are the “clichest cliche of all”. It would make you seem that you haven’t attempted hard enough to put that thought into your gifting gesture for your girlfriend. As your gifting gesture will have a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of your girlfriend, make sure you gift her something extraordinary, thoughtful and inspiring.
  4. Not Thinking To Pamper Her With Diamonds – Okay, we know that jewellery would come under the category of cliches, but diamonds are every girl’s best friend with which they wished to be pampered with. Something fancy like a solitaire ring will cast magic on her which will surely make your gifting gesture surreal and absolutely special for her. Pro tip: Make sure you have sufficient budget to gift her a piece of diamond jewellery.
  5. Personalised Gifts Are Not Appealing To Gift her – Like, we told you regular gifts online won’t have that effect on her mind and heart as something unique yet thoughtful would. Hence, go for some gift which can be personalised with your love and there would be no way that she won’t fall for your gesture.

So, these were some of the mistakes that men must make note of and avoid while shopping for their darling girlfriends.