9 Bright Blazer-and-Jeans Outfits to Try in 2022

Why is it that the older you get, the less time you seem to have to do, well, just about anything? I swear, in my twenties, I spent a good hour getting ready in the mornings, painting on my makeup with the precision of a master artist and pouring a considerable amount of effort into selecting the perfect shoe to match my handbag (which, yes, I’d change between days). Now, I’m all about simple solutions that make my life easier and don’t require more than a few minutes to complete. Like my beauty routine, which I’ve pared right back, I’ve also adopted new dressing habits—and I’m all about effortless combinations that look anything but. Pieces that you can throw together and know are going to look polished. My favourite such pairing? Blazers and jeans.

I’m under no illusion that this is a new look, not by a long stretch, but it serves me well. However, I have noticed that fashion people have thought up a fresh way to give this classic outfit partnership some 2022 flair. Instead of the tonal and neutral-hued blazers that have dominated the past few seasons, those in the know have begun wearing the tailoring staple in super-saturated shades. Bright colours dominated the runway, so it was only a matter of time before they begun infiltrating our wardrobes.

Between vibrant Kelly green and tangerine, all the way to the hottest of hot pinks, even those who have carved minimalist aesthetics for themselves have been swayed into trying at least one of these trending tones. And I might just join them, for they have found the perfect way to style them for day-to-day wear—yup, you guessed it, with jeans. The time for words is over—let the below selection of bright blazer-and-jeans outfits do the talking. Scroll on to see your new go-to outfit combination for 2022.