Everyone who has a vehicle wants to keep it in proper running order. We also know that car owners want to save money when comes to maintaining their car. Based on that, do you want to know how can AUTODOC help you help you to keep on top of your automotive maintenance? A new app is coming up – AUTODOC Club. The app will give you access to our great team of car repairs and maintenance assistants.  This mobile tool will also provide step by step video tutorials and guidance for repair according to vehicle`s make and model. 

Using the app you will be able to:

Watch over than 1800 videos explaining how You can handle a lot of basic vehicle 

maintenance yourself.

Keep recordings for your maintenances.

Have a oil change control

Book a replacement for parts.

Keep track of your fuel expenses.

Get assistance from our experts on car parts and consumables replacement.

Get direct feedback from our specialists.

Save your favourites videos or PDF.

Keep your own notes in your phone.

We have guides for replacement of brake pads and discs, wheel bearings, stabilizer links, arms, shock absorbers, filters, wiper blades, spark plugs, springs, bushes, mounts, belts and much more.

You can find required tutorial by specifying your vehicle production year, make and model and the part you are about to replace.

Shortly you will have access to all the benefits of AUTODOC Club using your mobile phone. Then you can become a car mechanic, perform maintenance and repair yourself! Just subscribe to our newsletters and stay informed.