Basic Steps to Make a Well-lighted & Comfortable Backyard Oasis

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After the end of winter season, everyone tries to pay attention on outdoor areas for al fresco feast, barbecuing and games. It is necessary to make a splendid backyard oasis to spend the free time. While choosing furniture, planters, lights and other outdoor furnishing accessories make use of West Elm Kuwait coupon to make the outdoor area functional without paying a lot.

Tips for Developing Backyard Oasis

  1. Privacy Matters a Lot

Privacy is the basis of a comforting backyard. You can choose large planters, outdoor screens, hedges and even high fences to isolate the patio. In case, the available space is based on porch area, it is possible to add curtains. It is better to focus on large plants and planters if you have a patio in urban surroundings

  1. Tackle the Bug Issues

Creepy crawlers and flying insects are enough to make your oasis a damp place. It is annoying if your backyard oasis has lizards or mosquitoes. These are enough to ruin all your efforts. In order to combat with bug issue, your priority should be to control the problem. Putting citronella candles is the best way to keep the bugs at bay. Pay attention on all the areas where water can stand and magnetize mosquitoes for breeding. Another effective way is hiring a company to spray the backyard for eliminating bugs and mosquitoes.

  1. Develop a Tête-à-tête Place

In winter season, you want to spend the daytime in outdoor area to enjoy the sunlight, whereas same area becomes perfect for evening and night gatherings in summer season. Try to develop an outdoor area where weatherproof and comfortable dining chairs and tables are placed. If you do not have enough space, consider bistro set having weatherproof feature. Mention West Elm Kuwait coupon to get a perfect al-fresco dining setting within your budget. 

While arranging chairs, keep in mind that the sitting position must make it easy to converse. Keeping chairs in circle or placing sofa in front of each other are best ways to support tête-à-tête.

  1. Patio Space or Deck

If your backyard contains nothing else than grass, it is important to construct the patio or deck space to place furniture. Outdoor oasis is perfect for getting relaxed, chit chat and grilling. After making a patio, use an outdoor rug to cover the space and place the furniture over this outdoor rug just to define space in the oasis. Moreover, outdoor rugs give color to your space and instill the element of coziness and luxury.

  1. Weather-Proof Outdoor Arrangement

Wind, rain, heat and many other factors influence on the outdoor accessories, so choose weather-proof furnishings to get benefit for long time span. Aluminum, metal, wicker and teak are the best furnishings to invest your money. Same is the case with cushions and pillows. Choose canvas material luxury items that can retain their form for years.

Avail West Elm Kuwait coupon for getting perfect lights for backyard. String lights on fences, tiki torches next to the perimeter, outdoor scones and candles make the oasis well-lighted and aesthetically pleasing as well.