Buffalo Mozzarella, A New Dimension of Pizza

I believe it to be the best of its kind. In fact, it is the only one that bears a worldwide certification of the D.O.P (protected designation of origin) standard.
Just a bit of history before I proceed: When the early makers of pizza begun using mozzarella cheese, they discovered another dimension in pizza-making which lasted to this very day.
Now, this may be a little boring to you but I cannot overemphasize the importance of knowing these things!
If you really want a perfect, authentic Neapolitan pizza, you have to gather and apply the right elements and procedures. In doing so, you will be able to avoid making costly mistakes and will save you time, energy and money in the process.
Can you just imagine driving your car to your local supermarket, queuing up, filling up with petrol, purchasing materials and ingredients, using up your valuable time – – and guess what? You discover that you made the wrong purchase upon arriving at your home!
You can easily avoid that, simply by following my instructions, taking notes from my references, and being focused on each and every detail of the process.
Please avoid looking for and taking shortcuts – as there are none.
When buying the subject cheese, note the production area – the typical buffalo mozzarella is produced in the southern regions of Lazio and throughout the Campania region.
The milk used in making the cheese must come from 100% Mediterranean buffalo. Other variants of buffalo mozzarella were sometimes derived from a mixture of milks.
The buffalo mozzarella comes in various shapes but the more common ones are round – either as small balls, large balls or plaits. It’s marcos pizza coupon code.
It appears as porcelain white, with a thin layer of skin that has a smooth surface. Note of these characteristics as the absence of one is usually a sign that it is not a real buffalo mozzarella. It goes without saying that using inferior ingredients (in this case, bogus or cheap imitations of buffalo mozzarella) will result to a poor quality of pizza.
The inside of the mozzarella must be dense and slightly elastic when it is perfectly fresh and has just been produced. It becomes softer as it ages.
When you cut a buffalo mozzarella under the pressure of a knife, it releases a white serum that contains within it:
– a fragrant smell; delicate, but reminiscent of slightly acidic milk
– a delicate flavour that is both fresh and tasty
– consistently dense and slightly elastic
It might be of interest to you that more or less five litres of milk is needed just to make one kilogram of mozzarella!
It is for this reason that the buffalo mozzarella is an excellent product – certified by DOP and logically, made of the highest quality. Again, high quality ingredients result to superb quality of pizza.