Dupes of Natalie Barr’s Australian Fashion Week striped shirt

Australian Fashion Week has been livening up Sydney this week – and as usual, street style has been a sartorial treat.

But as it goes with such events, the clothes are usually out of reach financially and functionally for the average working mum.

While a low-rise mini skirt looks cute, it brings more issues than it does wins – a total flop for anyone who needs to bend at any time.

Luckily, we have Sunrise host Natalie Barr to shake up the hoard of unattainable AFW guests with a wearable look that doesn’t skimp on style.

The 54-year-old stepped out for Mariam Seddiq’s show in a shirt and skirt duo from Camilla and Marc.

Overall, the look was a treat to the eyes. But for working mums, the most important part of Natalie’s ensemble was the blue and white striped shirt.

The staple is an integral part of anyone’s wardrobe as it offers endless wearability, comfort, and it can go with almost anything.

Natalie styled the shirt by tucking it into her beige ankle-length skirt, rolling up her sleeves underneath her elbows, and leaving her top three buttons undone.

It offered a breezy, effortless, and casual feeling that could take Nat from day to night with ease.

The morning show host was proud of her combo and shared a picture of herself outside the show at Sydney’s Carriageworks.

“Strolling to a fashion show. Thanks, @mariamseddiq,” she captioned the Instagram Story.

Natalie’s style is an ode to professionalism and self-expression, which is evident through her love of unexpected bursts of colour throughout her workwear.

Because everyone needs a stripy shirt, we have taken the work out of the search and found four dupes of Natalie’s piece.

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