Fresno Police called to Fashion Fair mall for reports of active shooter

Fresno Police are closing off access to the Fashion Fair after someone opened fire inside the mall.

Officers believe this started as a verbal fight between a group of people and another singular person.

Fresno Police say the single man got into a “fighting stance” and a man from the opposing group pulled out a gun and started shooting.

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Fresno Police say several shots were fired, but so far haven’t found anyone who was hit.

To be clear, officers don’t know for sure that no one was hit; they just haven’t found any gunshot victims yet.

One person’s leg was hurt as people rushed to get away from the gunfire.

A woman told FOX26 News she had to go to the ER to check whether her jaw was broken, after two men running out of the mall ran into her.

The California Highway Patrol is helping with the investigation.

Officers are looking for a black four-door Kia sedan, which they believe the group that included the shooter drove off in.

Social media lit up with people warning others to stay away from the area.

Fresno Police evacuated the mall and have it surrounded, trying to keep people safe and learn more about what happened.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.