Harry Styles’s ‘As It Was’ Music Video: a Full Fashion Breakdown

At midnight in the U.K. on April 1, Harry Styles sent his fans into a frenzy by dropping the music video for “As It Was,” the first single off of Harry’s House, his first album in three years. The 28-year-old musician announced its May 20 release by tweeting a photo of himself wearing head-to-toe Molly Goddard, and as expected, the looks that have followed also don’t disappoint. The video begins with Styles strolling backwards through a rush of commuters, standing out in a bright red coat by the rising menswear designer Bianca Saunders and a fuzzy black scarf by Dries Van Noten. It turns out the sequined jumpsuit he’s been wearing to promote the single is hiding underneath, and as he grabs the hand of a person wearing the same ensemble in blue, we see he’s matched it with red nail polish (which is no doubt courtesy of his beauty line, Pleasing).

The pair spins on a platform that has quickly been memed into a microwave, showing off each and every angle of their custom jumpsuits by the Paris-based designer Arturo Obegero, who takes inspiration from fashion and dance scene in his hometown in Spain. Back in clothes, Styles throws it back to his “Golden” video by wearing a crocheted pair of driving gloves, this time by the menswear designer Ernest W. Baker.

As it turns out, those jumpsuits actually aren’t jumpsuits. (Even though they apparently caused searches for “men’s jumpsuits” to surge 212 percent in the 12 hours after the video’s release.) It isn’t long before Styles removes the top half and strips down to his skivvies. Per the Hazza fanbase’s fashion archive account, stylist Harry Lambert’s assistant Ryan Wohlgemut dyed Styles’s originally ordinary Merz b. Schwanen boxers red specifically for the video. In case you’ve ever wondered what tattoos Styles has, well, go ahead and take them in in their full glory. The star is a large butterfly on his torso.

As for the song itself, well, it’s a bop. And a number of Hazza stans have convinced themselves that the lyrics are about Olivia Wilde, his girlfriend and director of his upcoming film Don’t Worry Darling. Decide for yourself by watching the full video, which was “made with love by a creative team from Ukraine,” below.