Heidi Montag slammed for promoting single-use jeans

From raw meat to non-reusable denim.

Heidi Montag found herself in hot water this week after sharing her new campaign for S1NGLES Jeans, which makes “the world’s first single-use jeans.”

“The beauty of S1NGLES is that you only wear them once. When you’re done with them, you throw them away and wear a new pair. It’s that simple,” the new company’s website reads.

“And it’s completely sustainable because S1NGLES are made from a proprietary blend of form-fitting cotton and recycled plastic.”

Social media users were understandably baffled by the brand’s mission statement, and promptly flooded Montag’s comments with criticism.

“What in the global warming did I just read?” one asked, while another exclaimed, “Heidi will literally try to sell anything!”

“This is so wasteful omg,” another person commented. Wrote a fourth, in part, “I am embarrassed for this company and/or investors … From what I see this is one of the biggest fashion fails of the year and perhaps of this decade.”

With Earth Day right around the corner, multiple commenters suspected the ads — which show a denim-clad Montag, 35, “floating in the ocean like a single-use water bottle,” as one person pointed out — could be a late April Fools’ Day joke.

“I truly can’t wait for this to all be some huge publicity stunt to talk about real climate issues. I am really hoping ..,” another Instagrammer wrote.

We’ll likely find out on Thursday, April 14, as S1NGLES urged followers to “be ready” for an announcement on that day, writing, “You can’t change denim without making a few waves.”

Whether or not her latest move is one big prank, the reality star is famous for courting controversy with her choices, from snacking on uncooked animal organs to arguing that “The Hills: New Beginnings” featured a diverse cast because some members had “darker hair.”