How to take care of your clothes so they last longer.

Now, I should also flag here that I’m relatively lazy, and I tend to let anything that is too much work fall by the wayside.

So, naturally, I had to find a few ways to take care of my clothes that are easy, give me results and requires hardly any actual work — the actual dream, right? And I think I may have finally mastered it.

In the spirit of sharing, here are my top tips and tricks to making your clothes last the distance. 

1. Always use the right products.

I’ll be honest: I never used to know fabric conditioner existed. Instead, I was pretty content to throw my clothes in the wash with washing powder and then complain about the colour fading. So, discovering fabric conditioner was a revelation. 

When I found my favourite — Comfort Ultra Care Fabric Conditioner — I couldn’t believe the difference it made to the longevity of my clothing. It was like it gave them a whole new life, and a better one at that! 

It’s the extra dressing every dirty washing pile deserves, and the benefits of treating your clothes to fabric conditioner are endless. 

Image: Supplied.

It stops clothing from fading, soothes fibres, helps clothes retain their shape and increases protection against bobbling. 

Comfort Ultra Care Fabric Conditioner, especially, is like medicine for your clothes. It’s the secret ingredient to keeping them fresh and lush, and it’s the perfect way to take care of your fashion with basically no effort, so that’s music to my ears.