Is it still acceptable to wear skinny jeans? 9 fashion experts weigh in on the great denim debate

After two decades at the top, skinny jeans have – if designers, celebrities, influencers and Gen Z are to be believed – fallen out of fashion completely.

At least for women, that is. These days, it’s all about wide-leg, bootcut and straight-cut jeans for the ladies, while men are still rocking the skin-tight denim.

Younger fashionistas in particular have embraced Noughties-inspired floor-sweeping hems, and even Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge, formerly a die hard skinny jean fan, has adopted straight styles as her go-to for more casual public appearances.

Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge wearing And Other Stories jeans during a visit to the Natural History Museum, London in 2021. Photo: Kirsty O’Connor/PA

But what if you’re not ready to abandon your beloved skinnies? What if you don’t suit – or even like – loose jeans? Will you have to wait another 20 years for clingy cuts to come back into fashion? Or is OK to sit out the baggy jean trend?

In a bid to find out, we asked nine fashion industry insiders what jeans they’re wearing at the moment and where they stand on the great denim debate…

1. Jo Threlfall, freelance vintage fashion blogger and writer

(Matt McCormick/PA)

“Skinny jeans will forever be a wardrobe essential! Especially in the autumn and winter season as a classic black denim, black top, jumper and coat makes a simple but chic outfit to wear in the winter months.

“The style of denim I’m wearing the most are mom jeans or straight legs as they’re the most flattering on my petite and curvy frame.”

2. Kat Farmer aka DoesMyBumLook40, fashion stylist and author of Get Changed: Finding The New You Through Fashion

“Not only have they brought back looser jeans, which I actually don’t mind, but bringing back the low rise jean? That is cruel!

“You can still wear skinny jeans, just maybe ease in a [looser] pair gently. If skinny jeans works for you and you love them and you have loads of great outfits that work with the skinny jeans then keep wearing them.”

3. Joanna McNeish aka fashion blogger LoveStyle40

“I’m currently switching between a slim leg or a mom jean for daytime looks. I like the mom jean fit with a loose shirt and trainers.

“I think it’s definitely OK to still wear skinny jeans. I always reach for mine when I’m going on a night out, they look great with a blazer, cami and high heel. It’s one of my favourite looks.”

4. Nuala McMenamin, personal stylist and owner of Adorn Bespoke Styling

(Adorn Bespoke Styling/PA)

“Trends only exist to create a sense of ‘must have’ and urgency so brands can market seasonally – don’t buy into it, only ever wear what suits you!

“I’m not sad to see the skinny silhouette move from popularity as they don’t suit everyone. My personal favourite style is the ‘paper bag’ cut, it’s so flattering on most shapes and is comfortable to wear.”

5. Esther Knight, co-founder and CEO of fashion brand Fanfare


“Mom jeans are what you can see in our product offering and personally in my wardrobe. We love this style of jean due to its versatility and it is a great addition to any seasonless wardrobe, enabling wearer to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

“However, keep hold of your skinny jeans as I am sure we will see them back in fashion in a few years time.”

6. Natalia Wolski, digital creator aka SheDreamsofGucci

“I’m currently wearing skinny jeans. I don’t think they will go out of fashion completely in the foreseeable future, there will always be room for a skinny!”

7. Caroline Young, author of The Colour of Fashion

“I’m a big fan of my high-waisted, wide-legged jeans which have a real 1970s vibe. They’re also really comfortable, which has become so much more important over these last few years.

“I think it’s totally fine to keep on wearing skinny jeans, particularly if you have a beloved pair in your wardrobe. It comes down to how you style them – they’re great for wearing with a slouchy sweatshirt or voluminous top, to create that contrast in silhouette.”

8. Nikki Nicola, digital creator aka 40NotFrumpy

“The jeans I’m currently wearing are straight leg button fly. I also like cropped flare and I’ve just got some Nineties full length flares too.

“Skinnies still have their place and I’d still wear them with chunky Doc Marten boots and big jumper in the winter.”

9. Helen Brookes, aka 40PlusNotGivingUpYet

“I am finding it so hard to move away from skinnies! And now back to bootcut is scary too, but I love mine.

“I do have boyfriend jeans too but key for any jeans in any shape is finding ones that fit the bum tum and muffin top! If you go for a skinny, try ones that aren’t skinny on the ankle – that way they will look more modern. But absolutely wear what you love.”