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NEW YORK CITY, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Founded by inventor, artist and entrepreneur, Sean Mehta, LUMINESS is one of the largest direct to consumer beauty brands, offering innovative cosmetics for nearly 25 years. Sean and the LUMINESS team are proud to announce the collaboration with one of the industry’s most respected makeup artists, Pati Dubroff.

LUMINESS is proud to collaborate with renowned makeup artist Pati Dubroff, who joins the brand as Artist in Residence.

“Pati’s iconic reputation precedes her, from collaborating on magazine covers with the world’s top photographers to countless red carpet looks on high caliber celebrity clients. To collaborate with such an artist who has had a profound impact in the world of makeup artistry is an honor for us. We look forward to having Pati share more about our brand and products, like our award winning airbrush systems,” says Mehta.

25 years ago, Mehta had a thriving fashion and garment business as one of the largest importers of beaded gowns in the United States. Every season when it came time to shoot the collection, he noticed a pattern in the cosmetic department: every makeup artist used an airbrush to create the flawless look. The issue was they were loud, bulky and expensive. He thought, “Why shouldn’t every woman have access to making their daily makeup flawless?” His challenge became creating a small enough airbrush system that was easy to use, not messy or loud, and at a price point where all women could benefit from it. Forever an entrepreneur, Mehta set out to create a portable airbrush system that would make it easier for artists and personal users to achieve their desired look. The foundation formula was just as important as the device; Mehta knew he needed to tap experts in the industry to make the best airbrush system possible.

LUMINESS has taken airbrushing from only in professional studios into people’s homes; the brand has introduced airbrushing into millions of homes. By eliminating the obstacles to traditional airbrushing, LUMINESS has perfected the craft with a patented stylus that gives precise application, a unique system that produces an even, continuous flow of foundation and a formula that feels weightless and smooth on the skin. Always innovating, Mehta and his team at LUMINESS are the gold standard of direct to consumer airbrush cosmetic systems year after year. Any consumer, not only professionals, can experience the benefits of quick application, superior blendability and longwear as well as flawless coverage that can only be achieved through airbrushing. During the COVID-19 pandemic, airbrush application is proving to be a cleaner, healthier way to receive or apply makeup, reducing contact with brushes or fingers that may be harboring bacteria. And after years of development, LUMINESS recently announced its first handheld Airbrush System, the LUMINESS BREEZE. Benefiting from years of expertise in traditional airbrushing, the handheld BREEZE is compact, easy to use, battery powered, and provides the same flawless application consumers expect from LUMINESS. 

Today, LUMINESS is on the precipice of another era of innovation. Dubroff brings expertise, years of experience and immeasurable taste to the team.

“I came late to the airbrush party. I was never attracted to the bulk of previous devices, nor the finish and formula of airbrush foundations. When I discovered LUMINESS, that all changed. The systems are very portable, lightweight yet also sturdy. So easy to operate, hygienic application, and the absolute cherry on top: the finish of the foundation is beautiful. It can be the lightest wash, or it can build to dramatic coverage. Fast and easy and clean. I am so excited to share about LUMINESS and this brilliant option for beautiful looking skin,” Dubroff said.


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Our mission began over 25 years ago to provide beauty solutions to the everyday woman without compromising on quality. LUMINESS was created as a professional Airbrush Cosmetics line that was designed to be easy-to-use for the at home consumer to deliver a finish not achievable with traditional liquid or powder foundations. With new innovations in lip, and eye cosmetic products and formulations along with breakthrough skincare products, LUMINESS is now a full-service beauty brand rooted in complexion expertise. LUMINESS never tests on animals and is a proud supporter of the ASPCA.

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About Pati Dubroff

There are very few names that resonate as respectably as makeup artist Pati Dubroff’s. From countless covers, red carpets, photo shoots and brand ambassadorships – the list is endless. Pati is an iconic namesake in the ever-evolving business of beauty. Coveted by celebrities, photographers and brands alike, she has collaborated with elite forces such as Peter Lindbergh, Tom Munro and Annie Leibovitz – to award winning actresses Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, and Naomi Watts – to cosmetic powerhouses Chanel and Dior. Most recently, her beauty collaborations with Margot Robbie and Priyanka Chopra have defined a new benchmark in elevating the red carpet in a special way, while continuing to create timeless looks. Pati continues to work bi-coastally in NY and LA.

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