Teen Mom fans slam Chelsea Houska’s jeans as the ‘ugliest ever’ as they claim star dresses like it’s ‘laundry day’

TEEH Mom fans are slamming Chelsea Houska’s jeans, calling it the “ugliest” they’ve ever seen.

The MTV alum is being slammed by fans for her latest fashion choices and presentations.

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska's latest fashion show was met with criticism


Teen Mom Chelsea Houska’s latest fashion show was met with criticismCredit: Instagram/chelseahouska
Fans especially didn't like her hole-filled jeans


Fans especially didn’t like her hole-filled jeansCredit: Instagram/chelseahouska

On Saturday, the 30-year-old held an impromptu fashion show on her Instagram stories, showing off a collection of random graphic tees featuring various skulls, animals and prints reminiscent of the 1980’s.

She also displayed a variety of outfits covered with holes, including ripped-apart jeans and a shirt with a random pattern of rips to simulate the effect of being worn in.

But it was the fans who did the ultimate ripping, tearing apart her choices on Reddit.

One fan wrote: “This looks like laundry day when I’m on a long backpacking trip. Nothing matches, nothing goes together, and I’m wearing the pants I’m about to throw out because they’re so trashed.”

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Another user echoed “Does everything have to have holes in it?” while a third chimed in, “If this is what is considered in, I’m glad that I’m out.

“This is like grabbing every trend from the last five years and just throwing it all in one outfit.”

Other users agreed with the outfit displeasure.

“This is like that trend on TikTok where it gives you an ugly outfit of randomized clothing items,” one person said.

While another summarized: “This is giving me ‘everything that didn’t fit in the suitcase at the airport anymore but I don’t want to pay extra so Imma wear it all’ vibes.”


It’s certainly not the ex Teen Mom 2 star’s first fashion fail.

Just a month ago, Chelsea was slammed for her “low quality” clothing line, as the star pushed $50 slippers and a $45 distressed tee shirt.

In that attempt to conquer the fashion world, the former TV star showed off a variety of new clothes, including some, in her words, “Super cute outfits.”

Chelsea stood in front of a mirror with cell phone in hand to model her new holy pants, high heeled shoes, and distressed shirts and joggers, among other looks.


But on Reddit, fans weren’t buying any of the new looks.

“Distressed joggers!??? What in the world is going on here,” one peson commented. “Not everything needs to be distressed.”

Another pointed out: “Lol everything has holes in it. I love ripped jeans but ripped joggers and t-shirts is just to much.”

“Everything just looks so cheap. No thank you,” one follower said, while another added: “This just proves that fame and money can’t buy you a fashion sense.”

And one fan offered a helping hand: “Poor girl. She’s clueless when it comes to fashion. I want to drive down to South Dakota and help the woman out.

“Every picture here made me want to gag. I’m horrified this is currently her full time gig. Just so, so, so bad.”


By now, Chelsea is used to not pleasing everyone with her fashion sense.

Last month, after Chelsea showed off her new line of hoodies, images from her Instagram Stories resurfaced on Reddit

Chelsea posed in her “distressed hoodie,” and pointed the camera at her ripped sleeves.  

The star also put on her “furry beanie,” which she had described as “super cute.”

Chelsea also shared a look at her silver boots and covered herself with a plaid jacket.

Once again, fans were not thrilled with how Chelsea’s outfits looked, however.


One critic said: “It’s all just clothes that look like they’ve been worn for 20 years with all the bagginess and holes.

“I’ll wear my dad’s old sweater from the ’90s for this look for free. At least the tears are genuine and home made”

Another added: “This is not trendy right now,” while a third mentioned, “It looks unkept and dirty to me.”

A fourth person wrote: “Cheap s**t hoodies and plastic boots.”

All this comes as Chelsea and her husband, Cole DeBoer, prep for their new HGTV show titled Farmhouse Fabulous.

The couple shares son Walker, five, and daughters Layne, three, and Walker, one, with Cole.

Chelsea is also a mom to 12-year-old daughter Aubree with ex Adam Lind.

Chelsea showed off a shirt covered in random holes


Chelsea showed off a shirt covered in random holesCredit: Instagram
Fans wondered if she owns anything without holes in it already


Fans wondered if she owns anything without holes in it alreadyCredit: Instagram
The MTV alum has had a series of fashion failures


The MTV alum has had a series of fashion failuresCredit: Instagram/chelseahouska

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