Why Do You Have to Consider Buying 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings?

Why Do You Have to Consider Buying 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings?

If you are looking for a unique and exclusive diamond ring to show off to your loved one, then 2-carat diamond engagement rings are ideal for you. These rings are almost impossible to find in shops. Rich people or celebrity clients own most 2-carat diamond engagement rings. Even then, it is not impossible to get hold of a 2-carat diamond engagement ring. Its rarity is mainly because these rare diamonds are generally kept in private jewelers and diamond centers. It will be a good idea if you search online for the perfect 2-carat diamond engagement ring.

Diamond Cut

The price is always a competitive factor when you are choosing amongst different types of diamonds. The cut of the diamonds also affects the price. In general, the more elaborate the cut, the more expensive it becomes. The most expensive 2-carat diamond engagement rings have intricate but straightforward cuts. However, simple and complex cuts are not only affordable but also look stunning on your loved one’s hand.

Diamond Clarity

Generally, diamond clarity is measured in carat. The clarity refers to the number and size of tiny inclusions present in the diamond. Smaller inclusions are more expensive because they are more visible. There are many different standards of clarity for diamonds. The clarity scale is based on the diamond’s diameter, the number of other minerals present, and their relative percentage in the overall diamond. The lower the carat of the diamond, the less transparent it becomes.

Affordable 2 Carat Diamond Ring

The most affordable options for 2-carat diamond engagement rings are platinum and white gold for a long time. But recently, the popularity of 2 carat diamond engagement rings wholesale has been on the rise. This is mainly because a 2 carat diamond ring with platinum band is highly durable and scratch-resistant. Due to the increased popularity of platinum, jewelers are offering more variety in diamond solitaire rings. Platinum can be purchased in a massive array of colors like green, pink, black, white, yellow, blue, and purple. Platinum is one of the few metals mixed with any other metal, including gold and silver.

Generally, diamond rings with higher carat value have bigger diamond shapes. Some of the famous diamond shape styles include princess, oval, heart, marquise, Asscher, round, emerald, trillion, pear, radiant, pear drop, cushion, emerald cut, oval heart, princess cut, baroque, heart, cushion cut, trillion, cushion, marquise cut, round, and radiant cuts. Each of these different diamond shapes has its unique style that speaks about the couple’s elegance and style.

If you want a better value, try to get a diamond with a little bit less clearness than those used in platinum. Diamonds with a bit less clarity are still of high quality, but you will need to pay a little extra. You may also opt for pearl solitaire rings if you want two diamonds with the same clarity but lower weight. The pear-shaped diamonds are relatively light in weight and have the same brilliance as the platinum.