Woman Claims Her Kitten is ‘Healthy’ Despite its Skull Being Exposed

A woman has defiantly ignored calls to put a kitten down which was left to die by the side of the road, covered in maggots with its skull exposed.

Taylor Nicole, a veterinary assistant, revealed a “Good Samaritan” brought the severely injured black cat into their hospital.

The kitten had deep gashes on the back of his neck, his leg—and alarmingly, his skull was visible. Rather than put him down, Nicole has been tirelessly nursing him back to health over the last few weeks.

Nicole, from Bloomington, Indiana, has been sharing numerous videos of the cat’s recovery, who she’s aptly called Skully. And she’s even set up an Instagram to document his transformation.

Explaining more about his backstory, she said in a TikTok clip: “This guy was found on the side of the road by a Good Samaritan. Obviously this guy has a lot of wounds, he has maggots everywhere, he has his skull showing on the top of his head. We are going to try our best to fix this guy up and find him his forever home.”

She stressed all he needs is “antibiotics and a little love. He will be fine. He deserves love too.”

Over the past few weeks she’s shared dozens of videos answering popular questions about Skully’s condition, some amassing more than a million views, with her latest uploaded on Wednesday.

You can view one of the TikTok videos here. Warning; it may be disturbing to some viewers.

Answering questions, she said: “He was found on the side of the road. Is that his brain? No, it’s his skull. The skin will heal. Is he in pain? No. The wounds will itch as they heal but he is not suffering.”

Nicole added it should take “a few weeks to heal,” and she’s been sharing progress videos as she continues to look after him, which includes applying ointment to his skull.

And he’s also undergoing laser therapy treatment, to help the skin grow back over the bone.

“Actually you can tap his skull and he will be just fine,” she added.

Nicole explained: “Skully will be with me until he’s fully healed and then he’ll be ready for his forever home.” But despite sharing clips of him “playing with his toys,” and “living his best life,” Nicole is bombarded with calls to euthanize Skully.

Her TikTok page is filled with comments claiming he’s in pain, it’s cruel to keep him alive and he is suffering. She repeatedly addresses them, claiming Skully is “happy and healthy,” as she said: “Only cruel thing would be putting down a healthy cat.”

But Notabigdeal0 wrote: “No, you need to put him down. It will live a life of absolute suffering.”

“Just put it down take it out of its misery,” Sin_cosmetic_ commented.

Carmarc_ said: “Just throw it away at that point.”

Liljason10 thought: “You are being an idiot put him down or he’s going to put himself down.”

Newsweek has reached out to Nicole for a comment.