2 women accused of stealing $10K from Ulta cosmetics store wanted by Pa. cops

Talk about getting caught without your makeup. An Ulta Beauty store in eastern Pa. got taken for $10,000 in cosmetics by two women working together to distract employees and steal, police say.

As 6ABC in Philly reports, it happened at an Ulta store in West Whiteland Township, Chester County, last week. Police released surveillance images of the two female suspects Monday in hopes the public can help identify them, leading to arrests in the case. (The images are posted below)

According to West Whiteland Township police, here’s how the women stole roughly $10,000 worth of items from the Ulta store in Exton on February 3:

Police say one of the women removed the merchandise while the other distracted the employees. It reportedly took them 30 minutes to complete the theft and make off with the haul of $10,000 in hot cosmetics, 6ABC writes. (Additional details below)


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The incident at Ulta comes on the heels of a coordinated theft at a Macy’s in the same township in Chester County. This time, it was a team of men making off with thousands in cologne and perfume.

The cologne caper occurred at the Exton Square Mall in West Whiteland Township, which noted a recent uptick in these grab-and-run thefts. The group got away with an estimated $2,000 worth of high-end scents.

As Macy’s employees expressed shock at the brazenness of the group as the filled large gym bags with bottles of perfume, only 73-year-old Mark Spool took action. He was able to record the incident using his cellphone.

Still, no arrests have been made in either case as of yet.