Decoupage on Denim

Here is another idea of creating embellished customized jeans – let us decorate them in decoupage technique! This will without any doubt give your favorite jeans an exclusive and original touch!

We’ll need a piece of fabric with some beautiful motif and an adhesive film. Cut out the fabric motif and put it onto the adhesive film. Iron it with an iron – it should be hot enough, and “humidifier” regime should be switched off. Not taking off the protective coat of adhesive film carefully cut out the motif. It is necessary in order to provide certain stiffness of fabric and thus make the cutting-out process much easier. After this technique has been applied the cut becomes more precise and regular.

After taking off the protective coat of adhesive film stick the cut out element onto your tailor-made jeans and press the pattern with a hot iron. The next thing you should do is to fix the edges of our pattern so that they don’t get frayed. The adhesive film partially fulfills this function as well; however, to make it even safer we’ll need to apply special relief lacquer onto all the contours of our decorative motive. Besides, after the lacquer runs dry it will create a volumetric edge. If you don’t want this edge to stand out, then choose a toneless lacquer or of the color corresponding with the tones of your fabric pattern. And, on the contrary, if you want to attract more attention to this volumetric edge, choose the lacquer of contrast colors.

Custom tailored jeans can also be decorated in decoupage technique with paper ornaments of bright colors combined with microbeads. This technology lets your fantasy fly and enables to create original designer clothes pieces which can be perfectly personalized and thus suit everybody.

Cut out the paper ornament you want to see on your jeans and put it onto adhesive film as explained above. Press it with an iron. Remember, that your ornament should be bright so that it could be better seen on denim. Ornaments placed on denim on dark colors will look a bit faded compared with light-blue or white jeans. However, adhesive film creates a certain barrier between denim and the ornament, so there is no need to worry it could get amiss.

Cut out adhesive film with your ornament, take off protective coat and stick it to denim surface. Iron it with “humidifier” regime switched off. Put a layer of textile finishing lacquer only onto your ornament trying not to spot it on jeans around it. To attract more attention to the contours of your ornament you can decorate it with microbeads for textile of the corresponding color.

Microbeads are fixed with special glue because all other glue types do not guarantee stability of decoration during washing. In case you want to cover a large surface with microbeads use special adhesive film for microbeads. You can play with contrast colors to make your ornament even more original. That’s it – your embellished custom jeans in decoupage technique are ready! Hope you have enjoyed the process.

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