DIY Punk Pants – Make Your Own Kick Ass Punk Jeans

Every good punk needs a good pair of PUNK PANTS! Go down to your local opshop and buy some $2 denim jeans or steal them if its a shit charity run by Jesus freaks!

They don’t have to be perfect, they just have to fit, tighter is always better but you can always cut the legs on both sides and sew them to a tighter fit.

Now, the essential part of punk pants is BLING! No were not talking gold chains and rhinestones here, were talking patches, pins, badges, paint etc

Get some patches of your favorite bands, go to gigs or look online for some cheap screen printed band patches… your gonna want to cover 90% of the jean surface with band patches. Sew them on randomly, or at least make it appear random! If your good at stenciling make your own band or political stencils and spray paint it onto the fabric, white paint pens can be really effective also for writing your own slogans and band names! Use all the creative powers that the great earth spirit gave you to fuck these jeans up and personalize the shit out of them! Chuck on some suspenders and some NON LEATHER punk boots or sneakers and your set, now just go and hang out in an alley way drinking cider and singing punk anthems with your punk friends!

Alternatively you can buy some bondage pants from the various goth or punk stores online, and mod them up yourself – make them in your own style!

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