How to Wash Your Seven Jeans

Globally recognized, Seven Jeans is a brand name known for the impeccable quality of its fabric and long lasting luster. Each pair is crafted in a unique way that distinguishes it not just from other company manufactured jeans but even from its own sister jeans.

Seven jeans is the foremost choice of countless people across the globe. The young as well as old love to wear this jeans that not just compliments their overall appearance but provide them wonderful fitting and complete comfort. The unique quality, design and cost-effectiveness of the Seven Jeans makes it dear to all.

But though this designer jeans is crafted out of the rough and tough but fine denim material and is available at an affordable price and, yet it requires extra care and protection. This is because of the artistic shade and shape given to the jeans. For instance, the color of the jeans is made to look lighter at certain areas (from thighs and knee etc.), some fine thread work done near or over the pockets and jeans becoming narrow from the bottom or tight over the thighs.

So you need to be careful not just while ironing your jeans but also while washing it. The ideal way to wash your seven jeans is to wash it upside down. Doing this will help you in two ways. First it will keep the color and the variations made in the shade of the jeans intact. Secondly the friction that develops while you wash several denim clothes together in a washing machine; gets reduced to a great extent. This is because of the fact that denim is a tough material, so in a washer full of jeans, the jeans merely rub against each other without any concrete wash. As a result the jeans loose their original texture and still remain dirty. Thus it is best to turn your jeans upside down and then put it in machine for washing or for drying.

Make sure that you do not use chemicals while washing your Seven jeans. Chemicals will not only reduce the strength of the fabric and life of the jeans but will also deteriorate its appearance. So it is better to use mild detergents or soaps that have less chemical and scent in them.

Even if your Seven jeans has become extremely dirty or there is some strong stain on it, never bleach it. Bleaching your jeans will alter its look completely. It is the worst thing you will do with your pair of Seven jeans and the money invested in it.

In order to retain the original fitting and shape of the jeans, make sure that the temperature of water is not too high. Be it machine-wash or hand wash, the temperature should be less than 50 degree Celsius i.e. 110 Fahrenheit.

The best way to enjoy the same fit and appearance of your Seven jeans, is to give it a handwash. Hand wash is the ideal option when your jeans is not too dirty. However in case of machine wash, wash the jeans separately from other colored garments.

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