Lululemon Joggers Pants Shorts Athletic Clothing Roundup

Few brands make clothing as comfortable as Lululemon. Whenever I’m on the site, I seemingly want everything. Here at Scouted, we’ve had the opportunity to try out a handful of their items, and have loved almost everything sent our way. To help you navigate Lululemon’s large catalogue of top-tier athleisure and activewear with ease, we’ve rounded up everything we’ve tried and loved from the brand, for men, all in one place.

These may just be my favorite pair of pants. “They are basically sweatpants that you can wear pretty much anywhere. While they fit like sweatpants — comfy cozy — they are made out of a nice looking fabric and are fitted through the leg so you don’t look or even feel like a lump.”

If there’s a clothing item I don’t ever want to take off, it’s this hoodie. “The name of Lululemon’s choosing — the At Ease Hoodie — couldn’t be more perfect. It doesn’t put me in a full state of relaxation, but it does keep me comfortable yet focused throughout the day. The fit isn’t necessarily loose nor is it tight—it’s the perfect in between. It feels like a perfectly fitting T-shirt, and not a baggy hoodie by any means. The fabric, a cotton and polyester blend, feels like the most subtle waffle-knit fabric I’ve ever felt and the tiny ripples and bumps feel nice on the fingertips as well. It’s breathable, too, so I’m never hot in my apartment while wearing it, but it’s also a great layer for whenever I opt to head outside for a quick grocery run or a walk.”

Think of these boxers as the men’s version of Lululemon’s acclaimed leggings. “They are made of Modal and Elastane, they never ride up like other briefs do — and when I say never, I mean it. The waistband is sturdy enough to not fold over, but you won’t notice it. Instead, they are extremely soft, unbelievably soft in fact, and almost feel like nothing is there. Best of all, they come in a pack of three. Get two packs, and you’ll be comfortable all week long before having to do laundry.”

For colder days, Scouted Contributor Alex Tzelnic loves these joggers most of all. He writes, “The 100% merino wool interior of these joggers is naturally thermoregulating, providing a high degree of warmth without weight, and the engineered knit outer face is soft and stretchy. I have found myself repeatedly putting on a pair of these joggers with temperatures dipping—it is clear that these are built, but not overbuilt. Designed to be a technically capable, active pant, they will keep you warm on winter runs, cool morning yoga sessions, or trips around the block with the dog. But the best part about these pants is you can put them on in the morning and you don’t have to take them off, well, ever.”

T.H.E Short 7” Linerless

For doing everything at home, Scouted Contributor Reece Rogers can’t recommend these shorts enough. He writes, “Whether it’s yoga, kettlebells, or some ab routine that I saw on Instagram, I’m always wearing T.H.E. Shorts. They feature a split hem that allows for a wide range of motion, making them great for whatever at-home exercise you are currently procrastinating doing.”

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