Step by Step Guide to Become a Hairdresser – Hairdressing Training and Courses

If you are at the point where you have decided that you really want to become a Hairdresser then its time for some thorough research into the Profession. Often we embark on a career then find out it’s not what we expected. By this time, we have invested a fair amount of time and money to no avail.

Clients have certain expectation of their Stylist and in order to be successful you have to have the skills and the knowledge of how to fulfill these expectations. The clients are not your only concern either you have to be able to please your employer.

Your client is going to base your creditability on how well you can please her with her cuts, perms or coloring. In other words the bottom line is how good are your going to make her feel about her appearance in respect to her hair when you are done. Most of this knowledge you are going to gain from the training you will receive when you start your course. The natural attributes that are going to be required of you is being able to absorb the theory part, which means you will know how to do the techniques. This requires your cognitive skills. The second part will be the application of that knowledge, or doing the service, which now relies on your psychomotor skills. You will need to be proficient at both in order to complete your course successfully.

You may be the type of individual who learns better by hands on experience but in this industry, your book learning or theory is critically important. Almost everything you will be carrying out in your hands on applications is what you will learn in your theory part of the training. Once you are comfortable with the knowledge of how to go about your technical applications, you will find it much easier to perform these tasks. There are no shortcuts in learning to become a hairdresser. Even upon graduation from your training, you will remain in the learning mode for many years to come. You will learn something every time you do a service.

If you don’t continue learning then you are going to be left behind in the world of fashion. Clients insist on being fashionable no matter what their age. They will depend on you to not only know what the current fashion is but to be able to supply the service to include them

As you can see, the demands that will be placed on you as a hairdressing student continue in the workforce as well. Be sure to build good work ethics as you progress through your training. Attending all your classes and being punctual will set the ground rules for you when you enter out into employment. If you perfect this mode of application in your training, you will automatically carry it through when you are working. One thing a Hairdresser has to be besides skilled is reliable. The clients are counting on you to be there at their appointed time and have no patience to be kept waiting for long periods.

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