‘The Lip Doctor’ squeezes filler out of woman’s lip after horror botched job

WARNING – GRAPHIC VIDEO: In his Instagram footage, Dr Tijion Esho, known as “The Lip Doctor”, pokes the woman’s bulbous upper lip with a needle, causing a stream of puss to ooze out

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Lip filler squeezed out of patient after horror botched job

A doctor has shared grim video showing him squeezing filler out of a woman’s lips after she underwent a botched procedure.

Viewers described Dr Tijion Esho’s Instagram video as “satisfying” and admitted they watched it on repeat as a stream of filler squirted out of his patient’s upper lip.

Dr Esho, dubbed “The Lip Doctor”, said the clip shows the dangers of lip fillers and how the procedure, which has become popular in the UK, can go horribly wrong.

He believes the popularity of lip fillers – driven by reality TV stars and social media influencers – is nearing its end, as people under 18 are now banned from getting fillers and Botox.

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Dr Tijion Esho pokes the woman’s lip with a needle

A stream of white puss oozes out of the woman’s lip

In his Instagram video, the side of the woman’s upper lip appears swollen as Dr Esho pops it with a long needle.

A stream of white puss oozes out of the woman’s bulbous lip, where filler had been injected incorrectly.

While the sight might make some viewers squirm, many Instagram users wrote in the comments that they found it “satisfying”.

One viewer wrote: “I need this on repeat, so satisfying.”

Another viewer wrote: “Why is that so satisfying to watch? Probably because I’m a skin therapist and I live for this content.”

And a third added: “Why do people go to non medically qualified practitioners for their lips done?”

Last month, MPs said a “complete absence” of regulation of beauty treatments such as Botox and fillers is putting the public at risk – and “maintaining the status quo is not an option”.

Viewers described the Instagram video as “satisfying”

Dr Esho believes the popularity of lip fillers is nearing its end

There is a complete lack of a legal framework of standards around non-surgical aesthetic treatments, which has left consumers at risk and undermined the industry’s ability to develop, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Beauty, Aesthetics and Wellbeing (the APPG) found.

The MPs have called on the Government to address the absence of any regulation after the year-long inquiry following an explosion in the popularity and availability of the sector.

Among its recommendations are the setting of national minimum standards for practitioner training and regulated qualifications in line with national standards.

Dr Tijion Esho has become known as “The Lip Doctor”

It has also called for fillers to be made prescription-only, psychological pre-screening of customers and the extension of the ban on under-18s receiving Botox and fillers to other invasive aesthetic treatments.

The committee said social media platforms need to do more to curb misleading ads and posts promoting the treatments.

Dr Esho said many people don’t do their research before getting their lips done, and a combination of poor technique and unregulated products can lead to botched lips.

He told the Sun: “Lumpy lips are one of the biggest problems people come to me with, and lip cysts can develop from filler that has been placed too superficially.

“Lip filler cysts can become infected or form a foreign body reaction, both of which can make the cyst increase in size.

“As soon as I see someone with a cyst, I remove it by aspirating the lesion where possible – the liquid that oozes out of the lip is filler, though over time, the cyst can calcify, which causes a white color and puss-like consistency which you can see coming out when I pop it.”

Dr Ana Mansouri, aesthetic doctor at Kat & Co, said she has seen an increase in patients coming to her with botched fillers and Botox, and there had been a particular rise since the coronavirus lockdown.