Woman leaves secret note about cheating boyfriend in bathroom

A woman on TikTok suspected her date may be a cheating boyfriend after she snooped around his bathroom.

The video was uploaded by user Molly Sharpe, who has since made her account private. In the clip, Sharpe explained that she came home with a guy she met at a bar — all while under the impression that he was single. After a few casual meet-ups, Sharpe decided to snoop around his bathroom.

“His roommate is single, and I thought he was, too,” Sharpe posted on TikTok, according to the Daily Dot, “But if this is your man, he’s cheating.”

Sharpe films the guy’s bathroom and zooms in on a pile of hair ties, makeup remover wipes and a full cosmetics bag of makeup brushes. Sharpe added that if the guy she was seeing did have a serious girlfriend, then she didn’t want that woman to find out just through TikTok. So, she wrote a note that said, “If you’re seeing/dating Josh, he’s cheating” and left it in the makeup bag.

Most TikTok commenters applauded Sharpe’s action and told her she did the right thing.

“You’re a true girl’s girl,” one user commented. “Bless you!”

But others theorized that maybe an ex had left some things in Josh’s bathroom, or that either he or his roommate had a sister who visited often.

“My brother always left a cosmetic bag of things for me at his house (pads, makeup, hair stuff) for me when I spent the night without planning it,” another user pointed out.

Since posting the video, Sharpe has yet to share a follow-up. She did, however, post a comment explaining that she had confronted Josh and that he got “upset/defensive” and said, “he’s single but won’t explain the products.”

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